Do You Know Where I Can Get A Color Chart For Mixing Oil Paints ?


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Rachel Sharp answered
You could go to a book store to find an artist's instruction book on oil painting, which will likely include a colour mixing chart. You can also look on the Internet. The number of websites for artists is growing. The Internet is a great tool for artists to connect and exchange ideas and know-how.

Another way to develop an oil colour mixing chart is to make your own. To start, you could combine two pigments at a time in equal quantities. Dab each colour on to some canvas board. For instance, start with a dab of alizarin crimson. Next to it put a dab of titanium white. Then add the two together in equal quantities to give you your third colour in the row, a pale rose colour. For a quick reference you can mark a plus and equal sign so you know what colours to combine to recreate the shade. This is a great way to learn about colour mixing. Although it won't be as tidy as a store-bought colour mixing chart, it will get you to experiment with colour.

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