How Do You Mix Paint And Glaze For Faux Painting?


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Usually, faux painting techniques employ glazes or washes, applied over a stark coloured base coating to create the required consistency on walls. To begin with, choose a latex paint that matches with the colour that you are painting. Pour two fractions of water and one fraction of latex paint into one bucket. Combine thoroughly. The wash is now all set to be painted on the wall. The more the proportion of the paint, the more is the durability of the painted surface. Latex washes are ideal for sponging in faux painting.

You can prepare an acrylic glaze or an oil glaze. An acrylic paint colour is good for tinting. You can pour 2 portions of acrylic paint and 1 portion of acrylic glaze into a bucket if you are ragging on or sponging. Use five portions of acrylic glaze and one portion of acrylic paint if you are stippling, striping or dragging. Add extra one fraction of water if you want to dilute the paint. After blending thoroughly, the glaze can be applied to the wall.

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