I Was Wondering Why You Add Glaze To Paint When Doing Faux Painting Like Sponging Or Ragging?


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The word Faux is a french word that means False. Faux painting is used for decorative finishes on the walls. The use of glaze in Faux painting is very useful. It is applied over the solid color base coat. The purpose is to create different textures and special effects on walls.
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The glaze gives you more time to work with the paint giving you the desired effect. Without the glaze your drying time is much quicker and the effect is heavier. The glaze also helps to achieve the dreamy look; ie: There are no starting and stopping areas like you would see if you had omitted the glaze...hope this helps!
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Glaze also adds a "see-thru" quality to the paint, allowing you to acheive depth to the finish, which is part of the reason for a faux finish. It allows your beginning color to show thru if you are using more than one color, which often is done. I will admit though, I have used water to thin the paint for a quick display item for a retail window, but it is not recommended for the home! Remember to go diagonally to avoid a patterned look, it is so much better than going up and down..step back once in a while to check your work.

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