What Paint Mixes Make Hot Pink?


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You cannot achieve a true hot pink colour without buying hot pink paint. You can get close by mixing other colours, however. Your base should be a combination of two red paints: Alizarin crimson and light Cadmium red. You need to add white and, depending on the result, either purple or thalo blue. You can add more paint if the result isn’t the way you want. If you are still struggling to get hot pink, you might just want to invest in some hot pink paint.

Pigment is what determines the vibrancy and tone of the paint colour. You cannot change that simply by mixing, but you can get a similar colour. You might be satisfied with the similarity of the colour you mix to hot pink. You can get reasonably priced hot pink paint at a craft and hobby store, or on the internet. sells hot pink paint. If you want paint for your walls, you can try a home-improvement store. If you want spray-paint, you can get really vibrant hot pinks at most super-stores. If you are an artist, you should probably invest in hot pink paint, especially if you are working on an on-going painting that requires a lot of it.

If you decide to mix your paint, make sure you mix all you need before you start. It is very difficult to get the same exact colour from one time to the next when mixing paint. When you mix the amount of paint you need, make sure you seal it in an air-tight container when storing it. Paint can easily dry out if not stored properly. Remember to prime any surface you are working with in order to make your paint go further. Seal your final product to ensure you won’t have to retouch the paint later. Remember, it is difficult to remix the same colour for retouches.
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Hot pink is quite a difficult colour to mix. It has an iridescent quality that is hard to get using basic colours so it may be best that you buy it from the store. However, there are a few mixes that you can use to approximate the colour. To get the colour pink, artists mix red, white, a touch of yellow and a touch of blue. You can adjust the pink shade by increasing or decreasing the amount of each colour you put in. Experimenting with a very small amount of paint is advisable.

Artists often struggle with the problem of how to make colours look iridescent and bright. This is an issue that comes up when painting an object that is illuminated in sunlight. For instance, the leaf of a plant may look very bright yellow when the sun shines on it. It can be difficult to arrive at this colour by mixing the paints. An alternative method is to layer the paints. If you want to get a hot pink shade, try first painting with a very bright shade, like orange or yellow. Then layer over it with pink. The result may not exactly be hot pink, but it will be vibrant and will 'jump out' at you. The method works best if the paint is slightly transluscent.
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Take a small amount of red paint (just a dab) and add white until you get the right shade; you can add a little purple (or a tiny amount of blue) or even orange until you get the shade you like -- remember to let your samples dry before you choose. And it's best if you can do your testing on a surface similar to the one you plan to use. Also look at it in the light where it will be used, such as under electric lights, fluorescent lights, or natural sunlight. Good luck!
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Purple,red,little bit of white=periwinkle then add more red and then a little more white=]
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I found a few different ways online-

A simple way to make hot pink is to mix red, purple, and add a little bit of yellow. Then, add more colors according to how light or darkyou want the color to be.

I also know a way of making hot pink and that is using more red than white and then a dab of yellow. I find this is affective when you only have primary colours. For example, you may not have purple so the answer above might not be as helpful!

Try adding a little BIT of blue to the red. This will bring it more to purple, and I think you might get more of the pink you are looking for from this.
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I think it's red, white and a little bit of blue. Add the blue gradually. You could practice with a kids paint set before mixing loads of paint for a decorating job.

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