What Does Prefix 'Peri' Mean?


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The prefix 'peri' is used to describe the phenomenon of something that is situated at the edge of something and figuratively it is used as something that is marginal. This term as a prefix is one of the most widely used one and you can find its use in the word peripheral and perimeter.

If we take the example of the word perimeter it describe the outer area of a piece of land and if we bifurcate the terms that come together to form the word we will come to know the use of the term. Meter is a word that is used as a measurement of an area of land and 'peri' says about edge. So the word perimeter is the measurement of the outer edge of a piece of land.

If you are using the prefix in the word peripheral, it says that something is marginal or of less value as it is not the core of the object.

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