Explanation of the poem Travel by R.L.stevenson?


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As with any poem, or piece of literature for that matter, it is open to your own interpretations, as some people take completely different meanings and messages from the same piece of text. However, some of the main points about the poem Travel by R.L. Stevenson are as follows:

  • Fantasy
R.L. Stevenson's poem Travel is ultimately a piece of fantasy. The author describes traveling to a place full of vibrant colors, exotic animals and a tropical climate. Although there may well be real places in the world that can boast such a thing, it is clear that Stevenson is describing a dream or fantasy place rather than a specific location in real life. As with many poems and stories, the author uses escapism to build a world they long to be in, rather than facing reality.

  • Travel
As Stevenson was also a travel writer, his previous voyages have obviously influenced both the decision to write a poem on travel and also the content of the poem. It feels as if his desire for the perfect place includes many of the highlights of his past travels; such as mentioning the great wall of China.

  • R.L. Stevenson
Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson was born in Edinburgh in 1850. He was classed as a novelist, travel writer, poet and essayist. Stevenson is one of the top 30 most translated novelists in the world.

As stated previously, poems are designed to have several interpretations and therefore it is always best to read the poem yourself and come up with your own ideas and meanings.
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How old do you think the speaker is? Give reasons for your answer.

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Can i get line to line explanation of the poem travel by Robert Stevenson

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