What Does Prefix "Sur" Mean?


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  1. Over; above; upon: Surprint.
  2. Additional: Surtax.
  3. On drawings, abbr. For “surface.
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The prefix 'sur' is of Latin origin and it is used to convey the idea of over somebody or something. The prefix is quite common one and you can find the use of it in numerous words.

The use of the word surface can make you understand the prefix well. The word surface is used when you are intending to convey the idea of the top layer or outside layer of something. If we dissect the word we will find that the there are two terms that come together to convey one idea; the terms are 'sur' and 'face'. So the word surface is that kind of face of something that is on the top layer of the object. The word can be used for anything, you can use it even for a person's face as it is the face that meant to be shown first.
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It means the end of something
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