What Does Prefix 'Em' Mean?


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Contrary to the first response, the prefix em-, and em- for that matter, both mean in or into. So "embody" means to enter into another body like embrace would mean literally in brace. The response above is somehow exhaustively thought out and entirely wrong.
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Prefix em - put into, make, provide with, surround with. E.g., embolden, empower. Similar with prefix en e.g., enamor, enslave, entangle. My source is
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The prefix 'em' is used to convey the idea of printing something on somebody or something and this prefix is one of the common one in the dictionary of the English language. You can find its use in the words like embody, emboss and embolden.

If we take the use of the prefix in the context of the word embody it is easy to describe the meaning of the prefix well. The meaning the word 'embody' conveys is that of to express or represent a quality or an idea. If we take both of the parts of the word separately then we will find that the term 'body' represents simply the body or structure of something and when it is conjugated with the prefix 'em' it says that it is the printing of something to give it a proper shape. So the term embody conveys the idea of expressing an idea in its proper shape.
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The prefix 'em' in English means "to make into, to put into, to get into" this prefix. It is one of the common prefix used in the dictionary of the English language for example enmesh, empower.

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