What Were E.M. Forster's Views On Tolerance?


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In his essay, "Tolerance", E.M Forster throws light on the value of tolerance in the reconstruction of the world after the Second World War. 

According to E.M Forster, two things are required for the reconstruction of civilization. One is a sound attitude of mind or the right psychology. This means that, unless there is awareness and a desire to change and improve conditions, nothing solid can really be done. 
The house can be built only if the government and people work together with motivation and devotion. Otherwise all planning and effort will go waste.

The writer explains that tolerance is the spiritual quality which is most needed in the after-war conditions. He points out that tolerance does not mean weakness or defeat - it is only putting up with people we do not like. It is the only virtue by which we can succeed in building our house safely.

Forster says that there are two possible approaches toward those whom we do not like. 
The first is the Nazi solution: to kill or punish them. The second is the democratic and civilized way of tolerating them. 
Forster pleads the second viewpoint because, after signing the peace treaty, the English will have to tolerate the Germans. It is not possible to exterminate any nation from this world. 
We must check fanaticism and spread tolerance if we want to rebuild this world as a peaceful and safe place.
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