Did Shakespeare write his plays in old english?


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Shakespeare wrote in the 'argot' of his day!

Thus, in the mouth of John, Duke of Burgundy, (Henry V), he makes the French Duke speak of, 'burrs and keksies'.

These are seeds and pods which adhere to your leggings as you walk through the rough grass of the Warwickshire countryside!

I seriously doubt whether John, Duke of Burgundy ever walked through the Warwickshire countryside!

However, earlier, Shakespeare, 'finished off' a play, originally written by George Peele, with whom Shakespeare was lodging at the time.

Peele, a Cambridge scholar of Theology, well versed in Latin, had started to write, 'Titus Andronicus'.

He had written the first act, but had to conduct some business elsewhere, and left the unfinished document on his desk.

Shakespeare,  happened to walk through the study and found the work.

He read it, picked it up, took it into his own room, and wrote the second and the third acts , before selling the play the same day!

Peele had begun the play in Latin, Shakespeare wrote the two remaining acts, in Latin!

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