What Is A 'Muggle' In The Harry Potter Series?


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In the Harry Potter series, a muggle is a human with no magical abilities. Most muggles do not know that witches and wizards exist, apart from the ones who have connections with wizarding families i.e. muggles that have relations that are witches or wizards or muggles that have married a witch or wizard.

In the Harry Potter series, a witch or wizard that is born to muggle parents is known as a 'muggle-born'. Witches or wizards that have no muggle ancestory are known as 'pure-bloods'. A witch or wizard that is from mixed parentage i.e. one parent magical, one not, is a 'half-blood'.

J.K. Rowling created the word 'muggle' from a combination of the words 'mug', and 'muddle'. 'Mug' is a derogatory term for a person who is easily fooled, hence the name being used in the first part of 'muggles', who are easily fooled by wizards.

'Muggle' is now in the Oxford English Dictionary, and is used to describe a person who lacks skill.
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A muggle is someone who is classified as non-magical by the wizarding community. However, this cannot be entirely true. The character of Hermione Granger is a muggle-born witch. Her parents are Muggles, she is of absolutely no magical descent, and yet she is the most gifted witch at Hogwarts (the first to complete every spell in every class). So maybe "Muggle" doesn't mean someone without magical abilities, perhaps it is a term referring to those who do not BELIEVE in magic, such as the Dursleys. Think about it.
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No...a muggle are people who dont have one single magic in their blood but for as hermione..although she has muggle parents, her ancestors where truly great witches and wizards who marry muggles so regretfully her parents did not acquire this magic powers..
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The term 'muggle' that is used in the Harry Potter series refers to all those individuals who do not have any magic in their blood and who are not able to perform magic.
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A "muggle" is a person who can not use magic.
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Muggles are common ordinary people who cannot perform magic and don't qualify as wizards.
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A person with no magic
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Muggle - Non-Magic People

This is the exact meaning given in Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone. This word has been approved and added in Oxford Dictionary in 2003.

Meaning of Muggle according to Oxford English Dictionary is a person who is lacking a skill.
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Well. Easy. A muggle is someone with no magical blood or powers. Cause Hermione, is muggle born so dosen't have 'magical magical' blood, u know. But a squib, has magical blood but no magic powers.

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