Who Is Ole Anderson? What Is His Role In The Story? "The Killers"


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In the story of "The Killers" which was written by famous American writer Ernest Hemingway. The Ole Anderson was the man who was expected to be killed by some strange people. The whole story revolves around the Ole Anderson whom was expected to be killed by those killers who appear in the restaurant. They didn't want to kill Ole Anderson for their own cause but they wanted to kill him to oblige their friend.
Ole Anderson proved to be very fortunate because he didn't come into the restaurant for the dinner when the killers were waiting for him.

Later on it was told to him that 2 person wanted to kill him so he should report this thing in police but he said that he didn't want to do that because he has disappointed from the life. And he was very frustrated that he himself wants to die. Hence the role of Ole Anderson in the story "The Killers" is really interesting. He's depicted as a person who is frustrated from the life. And Ernest Hemingway portrayed him well.

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