What Is The Role Of Ustad Mangu? In The Story "The New Constitution"


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The story "The New Constitution" is written by Sadat Hassan Manto and he is considered the greatest short story writer of Urdu language. He depicted the role of a poor person who runs a Tonga in the Indian street while India was a colony of United Kingdom. The role of the Ustad Mango in the story is the title role. The writer has shown with his beautiful style that Ustad Mango was a poor person who needed many things but he was living hand to mouth. Ustad Mango used to run a Tonga and he used to abuse his horse a lot. Yet he was considered one of the most learned persons and the most experienced in his fellow Tonga drivers.

Ustad Mango was portrayed as a poor man who has some dreams about the government and who always thought to live a better life. In the story the title role has been given to Ustad Mango who has all the dreams for poor. He thought about the new constitution in a very optimistic manner. But things were not the same as he depicted so he fought with a British soldier in the end and went to jail. That was the role of Ustad Mango.

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