Why Did Ustad Mangu Hate The English? In The Story "The New Constitution"


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Mangu was a tonga wala. He was a man of great wisdom. Though he had not attended a school yet he knew everything under the sun. He could satisfy his fellow tongawalas on questions of current issue. He has a great desire for freedom and independence of an enslaved people.

He was a social democrat at heart. He wanted to have a true representative govt. in which the people could elect their own representatives. That is why he attached so much importance to the Govt. of India Act, 1935 which he misunderstood and wrongly termed as the new constitution.

Mangu was also a revolutionary person. He was prepared to have a Communist system of Govt. about which he must have heard from his passengers. He was happy with the Red Shirt movement in Peshawar and the bomb blasts and disturbance in the country that looked introductory to a big change.

Mangu was also a true nationalist and patriot. That is why he hated the English "goras" so strongly that they were to him worse than a dog. Their faces reminded him of rotting dead bodies. In the passion of an uneducated nationalist, he abused and spoke loudly against them. He wanted to beat and kill as many of them as possible.

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