What does an appeal look like when a student is no longer able to stay in college but wants to go back?


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He or she has to give a good reason why and show some evidence of intent or commitment that they're capable of managing the coursework and passing the exams.Whatever reason that makes them unable to stay needs to be addressed so that the admissions tutors can be confident enough to say, yes we'll take him/her back as they've got the potential.
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I do not think he has the potential. He is too busy working, with the gf, and playing video games at home. He even studied for hours yet he failed his written test for driving 7 times and he failed political science.
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You've got it in one there- it's all about Potential.
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I guess so. All I know he has been in special ed before. That is what his friends tell me. Even his behavior is like that. So do you think he can manage the coursework if he was not so lazy and skipped classes cuz that is what he did.

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