What is a huika in music or a Poem? Please my friend has this contest and i want to know how a Huika poem works or song, did i even spell the word right? HELP ME!


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Haiku poems are forms of poetry that originated in Japan over 300 years ago. Haiku poems are very short set of words that often expresses a unique thought or feeling. It is a short poem that records the essence of a moment keenly perceived in which Nature is linked to human nature. Haiku writers are challenged to convey a vivid impression in only 17 Japanese characters. 8)

1. A haiku is a poem. It should be artistic.

2. Haiku poem is short and balanced. The first line has five syllables, the second has seven, the third has five syllables.

3. Using words with many consonant sounds, like "strength", is a no-no, or the sounds should each be counted as a syllable. The entire poem should be able to be said aloud in a single breath.

4. The poet observes nature. At the moment when he experiences his own oneness with nature, the "haiku moment", he describes exactly what it is in nature that elicits this feeling, at the instant when the feeling occurs.

5. In his description of something in nature, the poet elicits strong human emotion from his readers.

6. Using a mention of a seasonal word, or otherwise invoking a notice of the season, is intended to broaden the depth of meaning of the poem, through association with cultural expectations of what that season means to the reader

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