How come on some book covers the author name is bigger than the actual title?


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The main reason for this is when an author has a well liked style and has a big following of people who choose to read their books purely because they have been written by that particular person.

Some authors choose to focus on specific topics which may appeal to a certain group who will always look out for their work; others may just have an easy to read style which readers enjoy.

  • Modern layout
This large author and smaller title combination is a modern layout and is most often used on adult books. This is due to the fact that adults are more concerned about the author than the title or a brightly colored picture on the cover. Children on the other hand usually don't care who wrote the book, but instead will be drawn to quirky titles and bright covers.

There are many authors who now focus on specific topics or reader types; these authors want their name to stand out and catch the eye of those who have read their previous work. An example of this is Marian Keyes who writes books aimed at young adult women.

  • Classic layout
Older and more classic books tend not to use this design for two reasons; firstly it wasn't popular when the book was released and secondly, the title is often just as well known as the author, for example Lord of the Rings. A classic design often has the title at the top in a medium sized font, the author at the bottom in a medium font (smaller than the title) and a relevant picture in the centre to set the scene.
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The Author will do this if he/she is well known. Most authors who have been in the market for some time and have a consistency to their writing acquired the ability to market themselves over their books such as Stephen King or Lewis L'Amore.
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Some people recognize the author's name before the book title.
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Some people will buy books simply for the author, if they know they like that writing style, etc. The title is not always relevant to the consumer.
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If the author knows they're famous then they'll probably do that on purpose because they know people will stop when they see the cover and say "Heyyyy it's that author!! I love their books!!" and then they might buy/check out/read the book. :)

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