What exactly is a Cancellation letter of services?


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It would depend on the individual circumstances, but generally speaking it would be a letter to inform a person or company that you no longer require the use of the service that they offer you. This could include your window cleaner, your gym membership, your milkman or your newspaper delivery to name a few.

The type of cancellation letter that you would need to write would depend on the formality of the service you are receiving, for example, if you are wishing to cancel your newspaper delivery, it would need to be less formal than a contracted gym membership.

  • Informal letter
An informal letter just needs to be short and polite with any relevant information required so that the person or business knows who you are. Include details of the service you currently receive; any account number you may have; your name, address and contact number; the date you wish the service to be terminated and if relevant the reason why.

  • Formal letter
A formal letter should be directly addressed to the person who deals with your service or membership and if possible it is best to be hand delivered to ensure you know they have received it. Include all of the same information as you would with the informal letter but make sure it sounds professional. If you have a direct debit set up, tell the company when you would like them to stop taking money and then also cancel the direct debit at the bank just in case they keep taking money.

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