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NTS offers two types of general tests, to apply to take the test you should prove that you have 16 years of education.

NTS testing provides a way of evaluating the knowledge base and skills of the candidate taking the test.  Once the candidate sits the test they will know in a few days what the outcome will be.  The candidate can be secure in the knowledge that they will have a credible and standardized assessment of their knowledge.

Candidates taking this test don't have to sit it several times they are able to qualify the tests of several institutions once in the NTS test.

Institutions also rely on these tests as it is a more transparent way of assessing the candidates.  Institutions can lessen the burden of holding their own tests and use NTS for the following roles:

  • Registrations Form Preparation
  • Question Paper
  • Answer Sheets
  • Invigilation
  • Paper Marking
  • Results

Candidates should prepare well for the tests, these can be done in several ways. You can go online to, where you will find most of the information that you will require.  This site will give you answers to questions  that other candidates have asked. It will also inform the candidates how to prepare for the test.  What equipment they will need, it also informs the candidate what is acceptable and what is not.

It is advised that you work through this site gathering as much information that you can. You can go to the Test Preparation section of the site.  If you then register you can do:

  • Sample Tests
  • Test Format
  • Test Instructions

There is a separate section for General Tests as well as the Subject Tests.  Once you have completed the sample tests you can go to the section that explains how all the tests are scored and how the tests are then reported.

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