Which Is The Best Book For Civil Service Exam (in India) With Optional Subject, Indian History?


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Civil service Exam is very interesting but at the same time you need to put in a whole of effort as well as time in order to crack the exam. Well, some of the books that I can suggest you are History of India, Wonder that was India by Basham and you also have Wonder that was India- part 2. Apart from this you will also need to purchase NCERT standard 8 -12 text books of history.

You will also need to study for papers on General studies. The suggested book for this paper would be General Studies-tata mcgr'hill. You also have the book Quintessence for general studies. This book is a yearly book and its issue is mostly out around January. This book also provides you with format question papers as well as model for essay type answers and also prelims that are usually multiple choice objectives, which is generally for 150 marks. So this is all you need to study in order to prepare yourself. All the Best!!

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