Where Is Available K.C. Srivastava Ancient History Book In Chennai?


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The book on ancient history by K C Srivastava appears to be out of print, and is unavailable on the obvious mainstream sites such as amazon.in, so it's a case of searching for a second-hand copy. 

There is a small Facebook community devoted to this work by K C Srivastava, so that would be a good place to start looking.

Some educational institutions, such as the Civil Service Guidance Programme, list the author's name as K C Srivastav, so maybe this is confusing the search. The Jain Book Agency also list the author of Prachin Bharat as K C Srivastav, but does not have this book currently available.

The Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar University of Agra lists K C Srivastava's Prachin Bharat ka Itihas as recommended reading for its 2013-14 Ancient Indian History MA course, so it's likely the campus book store holds copies, so give them a try.

Google Books offers a limited preview of a book entitled Prachin Bharat Ka Itihas, published in Hindi in 2005 by Atlantic Publishers & Distributors, but the author is given as Shailendra Sengar. Could this be the book you are looking for? 

Otherwise, unless you stumble upon the book by accident, you will need to write to the publishers of the book for advice, or keep looking on auction sites such as allahabad.quikr.com.

If you're interested in Indian history in general, there a quite a few films on YouTube to keep you interested. Here's one on the people of Ancient India:

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