Where can I get a Business agreement letter online?


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You will find that there are several samples of business agreement letters available online. The following links all show how business agreement letters should be set out.

· contracts.onecle.com/digital-angel/cicp.invest.shtml

· www.4hb.com/letters/

· businessoz.com/business-letter/6-simple-business-agreement-l

  • What is a business agreement letter?
A business agreement letter is a form of contract between two parties or individuals. It usually states that work will be done for a certain price and be completed in a certain time-scale. The agreement letter is used as reassurance that both parties will keep to their word and fulfill their side of the bargain.

Without this agreement letter it would be a lot easier for one side to rip the other off, with little repercussions as all they had given them was their word. The business agreement letter can be used as evidence in any disputes that end up going to court.

  • Some tips to consider when writing a business agreement letter
It is always advised that you first draw up a draft copy of the business agreement letter. This should include all the relevant points and issues you wish to be legally covered.

Once you are happy with your draft you should send it to the other party you wish to strike the agreement with. If they OK everything that is contained in the agreement then you can go ahead and print out the proper version. If they dispute anything then it is best to discuss this in a sensible and controlled manner. Do not simply back down on things that may be important to you. You need to look after yourself and be sure you can not be exploited.

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