I Am Trying To Write A Letter Of Reference For My House Cleaner Who Is Trying To Epand Her Business?


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Roger Clegg answered
It's fantastic that you have decided to help your cleaner, as your reference will go a long way in assisting her in securing new clients and expanding her business. It's best to remain formal, but positive, highlighting the reasons why she would be a great asset to new clients. The first thing to do is to state how long she has worked for you and in what capacity, for example "I have known (name) for 2 years, since she first began working for me as my house cleaner”. Go on to mention how impressed you are with her work and note key skills that you believe she has. Is she friendly, polite, approachable and timely? Has she become a dear friend or is her work strictly and admirably professional? Perhaps comment on how her business has grown since she has worked for you and recommend her high level of service. Has she adapted to your requests at short notice? Or gone beyond the call of duty by suggesting new services that may suit your needs? Perhaps she picks up your dry cleaning and groceries as well as keeping your home in pristine condition? Focusing on communication skills and relationships will be hugely beneficial, as is mentioning her ability to perform under pressure or to tight deadlines on busy days. After stating all her positive attributes, summarize with a strong sentence of recommendation. For example, I recommend her for employment without reservation. Please let me know if you require further information.'

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