What Does The Story A Creation From Luzon Communicate?


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The Ifugao tribes of Luzon (Philippines) believed the world was formed in a battle between the sky world and the underworld with the Sun god as the leader of the formation of the world.
These two links provide two versions of the Creation Myth of Luzon. The second link will require you to have access to jstor. You may have access via a library. If you have an account you can log in from the page provided.
The JSTOR reference is the best one given that it has the full story from start to finish about the Gods of Luzon and the Ifugao people. The story is considered an embellishment of the creation myth of the Northern Luzon Ifugao Tribe.
The story begins with an ancient battle in which the sky world and underworld battle in a cosmic war which happened before memory, according to the myth. The sky people dropped spears on the underworld people, who reacted by shooting arrows back into the sky. The battle waged until the Sun god was struck by an arrow. His skin opened and blood spewed into aerial rivers. From this he let his blood flow in ribbons creating a barrier between the sky people and the underworld people. The barrier was not a wall, but a new world to block the two peoples from interacting.
The story goes on about a deer that appeared on the land that both peoples wanted. The underworld captured the doe and thus a new battle began that led to the formation of people on the new world.

The myth tells the belief that the small islands of the Philippines were actually the original world that grew and expanded to create what exists today.
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The Creation Story from luzon

When the world first began there was no land, but only the sea and the sky, and between them was a kite (a bird something like a hawk). One day the bird which had nowhere to light grew tired of flying about, so she stirred up the sea until it threw its waters against the sky. The sky, in order to restrain the sea, showered upon it many islands until it could no longer rise, but ran back and forth. Then the sky ordered the kite to light on one of the islands to build her nest, and to leave the sea and the sky in peace.

Now at this time the land breeze and the sea breeze were married, and they had a child which was a bamboo. One day when this bamboo was floating about on the water, it struck the feet of the kite which was on the beach. The bird, angry that anything should strike it, pecked at the bamboo, and out of one section came a man and from the other a woman.

Then the earthquake called on all the birds and fish to see what should be done with these two, and it was decided that they should marry. Many children were born to the couple, and from them came all the different races of people.

After a while the parents grew very tired of having so many idle and useless children around, and they wished to be rid of them, but they knew of no place to send them to. Time went on and the children became so numerous that the parents enjoyed no peace. One day, in desperation, the father seized a stick and began beating them on all sides.

This so frightened the children that they fled in different directions, seeking hidden rooms in the house -- some concealed themselves in the walls, some ran outside, while others hid in the fireplace, and several fled to the sea.

Now it happened that those who went into the hidden rooms of the house later became the chiefs of the islands; and those who concealed themselves in the walls became slaves. Those who ran outside were free men; and those who hid in the fireplace became negroes; while those who fled to the sea were gone many years, and when their children came back they were the white people._aya nabua...and that is the story of luzon\!!!!tnx
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Superstitions from the Philippines

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