Letter Writing Is Time Tested And Dependable Medium Of Communication. Can You Explain It?


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Letter writing is time tested and dependable medium of communication. It has been a means of passing important and secret information between two persons, parties, departments and even governments. Letters are also used to express thoughts and feelings, Joys and sorrows. It is particularly needed when we cannot talk to a person. Fast modern means of communication like Telephone, Fax and Internet have pushed regular correspondence in the background.

Weighting letters to friends and relatives is considered an old and time wasting activity. However, business and official dealings still depend largely on correspondence. It is important note that a letter becomes a record of what one has said or committed Letters also reflect the writer's own taste or interests. Letters are generally, of two kinds; Informal letters: These letters are addressed to relatives, friends or other persons of intimate acquaintance. They may contain information about some personal or family affair or just simple gossip. Formal Letters: These consist of business and official letters. Official letters include applications.

Letters to public servants, letters to editor etc. Such letters must have a specific subject to be discussed seriously. All formal or informal letters can be divided into five parts. These are briefly described here for the information, The Heading, The Date, The Salutation, and The Body of the Letter, The Complimentary Close or Subscription.

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