What Does The Title" A Story Of Creation Of Luzon" Suggest? And What Message Does It Communicate In The Story Of A Creation Story From Luzon?


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After researching this story, it has revealed one thing, namely that it appears to stand alone, without a mention even in places where other myths and legends originating from the Philippines are mentioned.

It seems to have no direct relation to any other Filipino creation myths, yet several sources attribute it to the Ifugao tribe of the mountainous regions of northern Luzon. Little seems to be known about these people, their myths or legends.

Due to this lack of information, here is a personal opinion regarding its messages:

Unless the 'A' at the beginning of the title is an unfortunate error in translation, the title itself suggests that this is one of many similar stories; a possibility, rather than the result of a firm belief. The story looks like an amalgamation of different creation myths. The kite may refer to the Filipino supreme being and creator, Bathala; or Galang Kaluluwa, his winged fellow god. The rest is very reminiscent of many other creation myths, including Christianity.

The main messages of the story appear to lie in the behavior of the children and the result of their actions, which could be translated into the following meanings:

  • Idleness and uselessness leads to being driven out of one's home (All)
  • Those who stand their ground and face punishment will grow to be masters of their lives (rooms, chiefs)
  • Those who cower away in fear when threatened will be used and trodden upon (walls, slaves)
  • Those who just avoid punishment may not lose, but they will not gain much, either (outside, free)
  • Those who make unwise choices may be burnt (fireplace, Negros)
  • Those who run away from punishment will become pale shadows of themselves (sea, white people)
As previously stated, this in no way meant to be racist conclusion but rather fitting moral.

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