How To Write A Letter To Teacher Asking Leave In Hindi?


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To write a letter to a teacher asking for leave in Hindi, you must have a good working knowledge of the Hindi language. If you're not proficient in Hindi, there are certain online translation sites, such as Babelfish, that will allow you to translate sentences one at a time. Larger blocks of text may not come out too well. It's really best if you ask a Hindi-speaking friend or family member to check over your work before you hand it in to your teacher. Here are some things you should mention when you ask a teacher for leave by letter:

• Always state a clear, logical, and honest reason why you need leave from school. In general, people ask for leave due to illness (as doctor's note may be needed for backup), stress (again, a doctor's or psychologist's note may be required), death in the family, or because they are planning a trip. You must be honest with your teacher and lay out all of the facts about your reasons for wanting leave. This will make it easier for a teacher to determine whether or not to grant your leave.
• Be as respectful as possible; teachers are authority figures, and they respond to politeness and respect. Never use crude language or Hindi slang in your letter. Keep the letter fairly short, and use professional-sounding words. A letter like this should look more like a business letter, than a quick note your write to a friend or family member.

Writing this letter should be pretty easy if you follow these guidelines. If you're typing the letter on your computer and printing it out, be sure to sign the letter with your signature, in old fashioned pen and ink. Don't be too intimidated at the idea of giving your teacher a letter asking for leave - these professionals see these sorts of requests all of the time.

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