How Do I Replace The Needle On A Brother Overlocker 546, Does The Indentation In The Needle Go To The Rear Or The Front?


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Replacing the needle on a sewing machine should, in theory, be a relatively simple task. All you need are some back-up needles to replace the broken one with.

Nowadays most sewing machines use universal needles so you should not come across any difficulties finding a needle that will fit your machine.

Follow these steps:
• Look for a screw or knob above your sewing machine foot, near the top of the needle. This will be what is holding the needle in place
• Turn the screw or knob, using your hand or a small screwdriver depending on the nature of your sewing machine
• Once the screw is loose, the broken needle should fall out and you can throw it away
• Take your replacement needle and point the flat side of the needle towards the back of the machine. Then insert it in the hole that held your old needle
• Make sure that the needle is pushed up as high as it can possibly go. Turn the knob that will hold it in place
• Make sure the needle is fixed in place by tugging it at its base

Once this has been done, you should be able to simply re-thread your machine and you will be ready to start sewing again.

Brother sewing machines are manufactured by Brother Industries Limited, who are a Japanese company which produce a wide variety of products aside from sewing machines. Brother Industries also manufacture products such as printers, large machine tools, typewriters, label writers, fax machines and other electronic products related to computers.

Brother Industries were founded in 1908 as Yasui Sewing Machine Company and currently have their headquarters in Nagoya, Japan. The company currently employs around 25,000 people and has operations in the USA and Europe.
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