I Have A J C Penny Overlock Machine Model 7015a. How Do I Change Needle Needle Broken?


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This answer would be good for any sewing or serger machine. At the top of the needle (not the pointy end but the end of the needle that goes up into the machine). There is a small screw or very small "knob" that will loosen the broken needle. All you have to do is turn that screw (or knob) to the left or counter-clockwise and the needle will fall out. You don't have to turn that screw all the way out. Turn it just until it's loose enough to remove the needle.

To replace the broken needle, just slip the new needle in the same location where the old one came out. Most sewing needles have a flat side at the top. If your needle is like that, put that flat side against the metal post that supports the needle. Tighten the screw against the needle and go sewing!

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