Someone Just Gave Me A Singer Featherweight Plus. The Tag On The Back Says Model 324; I Can't Find Hide Nor Hair Of It. Anyone Ever Heard Of One Or Seen One?


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Hi there, I own this machine - I bought mine in 1990 (cost £150), on back of manual it has 7/1990. With the original manual you got a separate piece of paper to highlight the particular importance of correctly threading the machine - mine used to chew up fabric and spit out thread until I read a tip about threading it exactly as the manual said, so I sat down with the manual and followed it and now it works beautifully. It has spent many years in storage and I have just got to sort out a damaged thread adjustment lever.
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Yes I have one given to me by my grandmother but I also are having trouble finding out more about it.  It has a problem feeding the material through it so just jams up!
If you or anyone can help it would be appreciated.
Andy, Essex

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