How To Write A Letter Time Extension In Construction?


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A letter time extension in construction allows  possible legal troubles to be avoided by extending your time to pay for a project. You will need a template with a suggested letter to be used for construction purposes, as well as a word processing program and a printer.

Find a letter on a website that lists samples that are suitable for the construction industry, as these will be  most useful for your circumstances. Take careful note of what the important points are that are included.
1. Find out who the letter needs to be sent to, and what the address is. Many companies have a separate department for past-due accounts that may possibly have a different mailing address.
2. Using the template as a guide, create a draft that outlines why you are writing the letter time extension. Stick to the facts, since the person reading your letter will have a lot to do, and always be very cordial.
3. Read your first draft through, and start revising to ensure you're making the right points. Try to trim out any information that may be unnecessary, and make sure any important points are made.
4. Type up your final draft, using a word processing program and proper formatting. You want to do this to ensure that your letter looks professional, and is likely to be seriously considered by the person reading it.
5. Proofread your letter, paying close attention to grammar and spelling, as well as a proper business tone. Once you're satisfied, print out two copies, with one to mail and one for your records.

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