How Should I Write An Excellent Expungement Letter?


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When writing an expungement letter to the police department, city attorney or county sheriff, there are a few things you should remember during the drafting process:

• Before asking a friend to write a letter of expungement, you need to check you are actually eligible for your records to be removed. You should not have had a felony conviction or any form of gross misdemeanor in the last ten years leading up to your arrest.

• These letters are usually written years after the initial arrest as the main purpose in writing is to demonstrate how the individual has become a responsible citizen.

• The main body of the letter should explain what the individual has been doing to get their life back on track since the arrest. This could include examples of volunteering in the community or perhaps attending a rehabilitation class. 

• If you are writing this letter for a friend make sure to mention how you know them and if you knew them at the time of the crime being committed. Failing to mention you know them well may lead to your letter not being taken seriously.

• Keep the letter very formal and type it in a business format.

• As these letters are usually sent to the judge overseeing the case, it is always advisable to address him or her at the beginning of the letter using their title. This will usually be: "The Most Honorable Judge ______"(their full name).

• Make sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors by having a friend proof-read the letter. If you do send it off with mistakes, this may come across as you not taking the process seriously or showing little respect for the legal system.

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