How To Write An Attachment Letter?


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Writing the perfect attachment letter depends on reading the company you are writing to. In most cases, if you are responding to an advertisement, the ad itself will give you an idea of how to structure your letter.

  • Experience
If for instance the company is looking for someone with five years experience in the sheet metal industry, with specialist knowledge of riveting, welding and assembly, they are asking for your attachment letter to prove to them that you have the experience they are looking for - so introduce yourself, tell them where you saw their advertisement, say you would like to be considered for the role, and then tell them where you worked for five years in the sheet metal industry, and how you gained your expertise in riveting, welding and assembly.

  • Skills
If you have a full job and/or person description to work from, it is important that you show your fitness for the role at every point - if they say you must have strong time-management skills, give an example from your employment history that shows you meet their criteria in that respect, and so on through the list.

  • Professionalism
Be professional and courteous throughout your letter, research the company you're writing to, and make an occasional, well-placed reference to their work - especially if you can tie it in with your own work experience.

If there are areas where your skills and experience do not match those required, spin those gaps in a positive way, such as "while I have never yet had experience of welding, I have always embraced the challenge of learning new things, and have successfully mastered many other skills. I also have a proven history of learning fast and performing above expected levels. I would be very eager to learn the skills of welding to enable me to give this role the dedication it demands."

  • Contact Details
Once you have hit all the points as best you can, do not waffle, but sign off courteously, remembering to give contact details where you can be reached for any follow-up inquiries they might have, or should they wish to invite you for an interview.
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