Why Did Shakespeare Write A Tragic Play About Julius Caesar?


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There are a lot of possible answers to this question, but one is probably that the manner of Caesar's death was highly dramatic; also the whole issue of the murder conspiracy was very topical - there had been plots to murder Queen Elizabeth I, for instance. So for this and other reasons, Shakespeare and his audience would have been interested in the way Caesar died and the motives of his killers. Also, most of his history plays have a strong focus on the main character's death, so it's not unusual. Hope this helps.
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Written in 1599, this play reflects Londoners fears over the issue concerning who, or what, would follow Queen Elizabeth to the throne. She was old, and had no son or daughter to take on the crown, so, would England still have a monarch, or a president of a republic? Riots broke out, men were killed, Shakespeare, with his ear to the ground, wrote a play about a Roman General who would be Emperor, but the senate didn't want him to. Etc,etc.
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Julius Caesar is not actually considered a tragedy. It is listed as one of Shakespeare's Histories.
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Sorry, that is incorrect. Julius Caesar is one of the tragedies. From whence did you get your information?
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Generally, the plays based on historical characters are considered histories, i.e. Richard II, Henry VIII.
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Because He Wanted To

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