What Sort Of Company Did Shakespeare Join And What Was Their Name?


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In 1583, Sir Francis Walsingham instigated the 'Queen's Men', an acting company, formed of the best actor's in the land, out of political purpose only. It was Walsingham's intention to concentrate the minds of the people on Queen, State, Religion and England, with the stress on Religion. Too many malcontents were trying to kill the Queen, (Elizabeth), and Walsingham wanted to change peoples opinion, so he' invented' the 'Queen's Men. Plays such as 'King John' were encouraged, because, although a Catholic king, John fought against the power of Rome, which was politically correct in the eyes of Walsingham. Shakespeare joined, as a boy 'holding the horses' in about 1585, his first play 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona', was presented in 1598.

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