My Monster-In-Law Has An Oil Painting Which She Believes To Be An Original Signed Burton Barber 1894 & The Back Reads Last Of C. Burton's 1885 1 Of 3 Entitled Suspense...Please Offer Your Thoughts?


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I don't personally know anything about it without looking it up, But if this is the monster-in-law of the hubby who stole your money....Take it & RUN !!!
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Gee Nas...I read dimple's answer. Then went & read the page she sent, in addition to a few more. Seems to be that Barber left a lot of his paintings engraved...Not sure if he did this one or not...But I'd look for it.
I haven't seen one thing that said he did a series of 3 of this particular one, but there are many reproductions...If I were you...I'd give Christie's a call & ask them. They should know. Or at least can tell you what to look for on it.
Good work HisDimple.
She'd have a reason to!
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My first thought is that Burton doesn't start with a C, so what's up with that?  Second thought:  She seems to have something at least "old".  I wouldn't guess on this....I would just take it somewhere that does reliable evaluations of paintings of this sort and let them at it.  HAHA Monster-In-Law.  Whoever said that the first time should have patented the phrase; I love it.  Off the subject :  Did you know there is a plant called sansaveria....mother-in-law's tongue?  It's leaves are long and pointed, sharp and hurtful.
Blessed Be, and thank you for the interesting question,.
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Probably a fake or a copy. I think that they all are a waste of good canvas.
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While most of his paintings are engraved, this one is signed on the lower left corner, and it appears there is a crease in the painting as well. Go to this is an auction site, and the last known auction for this was in 1997. You would have to join unfortunately if you wanted more than the public information, but I think there is enough information there to help you with what you are looking for hon. I really hope this helps you out.
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I think you might want to display it in some kind of museum or something since its so old, & you have a monster in law ?? Lol
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Am not familiar with the artist but it is worth having it appraised and stay with it while that is happening, can't give you what you want but hope this helps, you R 2 Funny

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