How To Draw Nickelodeon Cartoon Characters?


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david hurtado answered
Hi JLiebe,
This question has been answered on Blurtit before but with other characters, please check some of the answers here:
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How can I draw Patrick and sponge bob?
How can I draw in anime style and in Chibi style?
Good luck!
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keiarra turner answered
Take spongebob for example look at the dark out line, 1. Look at the figure its` just like mathematics, 2. Follow the line and angles,3. Draw 2 circle,4. The nose looks like a small finger so that will be easy to draw,5. Then draw a wiggly square,6. Draw small thin rectangles for the eye brows for the top of the eyes,6. And the last thing draw small like tubes for the feet and not that big of half a tube for the socks with lines blue and red lines the rest white the last topping is the shoes just draw the shoes the best you can. That`s the end of it.

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