Where Can I Read Catching Fire, The Sequel To The Hunger Games, By Suzanne Collins Online For Free?


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You can read ‘Catching Fire’ by Suzanne Collins across various sites on the web. Onread.com is fantastic for reading free and online. It offers a download but also allows you to read books on its site with the ability to save pages. Freebooksread.blogspot.com also allows you to search through many books for free.

‘Catching Fire’ is the second in the trilogy by Suzanne Collins, the second instalment after ‘Hunger Games’ . The third is currently not finished but where you can read ‘Catching Fire’, you can usually find the first one. ‘Hunger Games’ was also Collins’ first published novel and was released in 2008. The sequel was published a year after.

I suggest you avoid using shareware programs and software for a free copy of this book as it is illegal and runs a high risk of viruses. Only use sites you trust.

Book shops and libraries will have options for you as well, offering suggestions of where to read this book online.

A lot of websites do require a small payment but it is cheaper than buying the book and has a much lower virus risk.

Good reads requires a small payment but is a highly reliable website and is very trustworthy. You can register for free and search through books as well as preview them first. You also have the ability to save pages as well as books in a list.

Kindles may not come cheap, but if you have one you can read books at a much lower price than to buy the book. This is also the case with many smart phones. You have again, the ability to save pages and to preview books before purchasing.

This trilogy fits under science fiction as well as young adult and contains the themes of survival, government and independence.
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You can read chapter one on scholastic.com and the second chapter on npr.org
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Yes you can on wattpad.com. But only the first 5 pages. Sorry. I am going to keep looking though. I really want to read it too.
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You can not on wattpad.com, they took it off the site
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Thanks for the answers guys.....but guess what? My mom finally bought me the book, and it was really good! If I find anywhere online to read it, I'll let you know :)
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I wish I new too I finished the hunger games in four hours it was the best book I ever read

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