What Is The Difference Between Friendly And Business Letter?


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Business letters have a specified purpose and are to the point .they are written to complete the requirement for an organization.they are not personally related and follow a set of rule
whereas in friendly letters we do not have any  specific  rule for writing to friend.these are personal letters and can be elongated according to our those need to have technical knowledge while writing these letters.our emotions are also carry importance and these letters helps us to bond our relationship
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You use colons in the begining and you use a coma for a friendly letter. Example:      Business Letter::::::::              Dear Boss:

  Friendly Letter:::::::            Dear Sarah,
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Friendly letters are nice business don't have to be!
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Business letters
- 6 parts
-written for or by an organization
Freindly letter
-contains 5 part
-personal and emotional

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It is written to share news, ideas, and feelings or just to keep in touch.

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