How To Write A Receipt To A Customer For Payment Received In A Letter Format?


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Firstly, you are best to type out the letter on the computer and print it out rather than handwriting it as it is easier to keep records this way - it also looks more professional.

To write a receipt to a customer you need to do the following:

• Correct layout

A receipt in this form is a lot like a formal letter in its layout. Therefore you need to put the name of the company, the company address and contact details at the top right hand side of the page.

Next you need to address the customer you are writing the receipt for. Then the main bulk of the receipt needs to include all the payment details. This means how much was paid, when it was paid and by what form of payment.

Finally you will need to sign it with your full name.

• Use quality paper and envelopes

To make the best impression and to look as professional as possible it is best to print out the receipt on high-quality paper. Also a nice crisp new envelope tops it off perfectly. Remember you are representing the company here and so it is also worth making the best possible impression.

You may find the following templates of great use when constructing your receipt:
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Dear  sir
we have received the sum of rupees ... Towards the consignment booked on 3/12/09
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I would use a standard letter format.

To  them

From  me

Received from JimBob the amount of $???.00 for purchase of blablabla.

Goods to be delivered on or before 00/00/00 to the following address.

Co Name





Thanks for your order

Signed Me

Just make sure all the basics are there and it is accurate.

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