How To Write A Letter To Reduce A Rent Payment?


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How to reduce my rent on my business unit since the economic is not to good I'm presenting financial problems.
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You could say something like:

Dear X, I am a tenant at (address) and currently pay a monthly rent of $X. Due to (explain reasons eg economic climate, length of time you've been a tenant) I would like to ask if it is possible to reduce my rent by X percent. Please let me know if this is acceptable to you.

You should be sure to state any important reasons why he should do this.
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Point out the issues why you think he should reduce the rent.How long you have his tenant.Your wages is not enough for him to raise the rent.The condition of the property you rent, also if you have been keeping up with the rent and have also contribute in keeping the property clean and well maintainedIf you have done any thing like painting the property or any thing that has saved the landlord money, then you have a lot of points to point out to for him not to raise the rent.Its a simple letter, just as if your were writing to a bank manager for him to give you a loan, just asked! He might be able to delay by a few months or may be next year, just to give you a chance.

Most landlord over charge their tenants anyway, so should point out any issues, such as, if he has not done any maintenance for some time and they need to be done, then point all this out to him. Should any of this is the case, then you can seek advice advice.
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Wrong, I write a letter to the property managers of my apartment every year explaining that my income has stayed the same, yet expenses keep going up. My rent has come down every year for the last 7 years that I have been there. This year, I just negotiated them down $240. They had rather keep someone in the place, than have to repair it and then gamble that someone will move in quickly. It is not cost effective to risk loosing a good tenant that pays on time every month.

There is a chance that your landlord is a putz, but it never hurts to try.
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If you don't own a house.....I really don't think you can ask for a rent can refinance your house....but the rent thing is a gamble...
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If you are renting were you live you can certainly ask, but sure it won't happen, now if you are buying your property you can refinance in a effort to lower the payments but renting No....the best to you

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