How To Write The Receipt Letter Of Payment?


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A receipt letter acknowledging payment for goods or services rendered is a relatively simple document to draft. There is no hard and fast rule, or even a specific format, that is to be adhered to. In fact, a simple letter detailing the goods or service that was provided, the date the transaction was completed and the cost should suffice, along with your signature.

If a more professional image is required, or the receipt is one of a number of business transactions, even if that isn't the case as yet if there's potential for more work of the same type, then drawing up an invoice might be a better solution. When drafting an invoice there a number of key factors to be included:

A transaction number which allows the transaction to be uniquely identified
The company name or the name of the individual, including their full mailing address
Your own contact information, including the full mailing address
The date of the transaction and a detailed account of what you are charging for
The costs itemised
The total amount payable

Usually the invoice would include a deadline for payment but in this instance, with payment already received, the letter should state that the invoice has been settled.
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You can just give a simple acknowledgment, for example: 'I hereby acknowledge the recept of the following document' and then a line describing the form the payment took, eg letter of payment.' You can attach a copy of the payment if you want to be really sure. Then you just need your name and contact details.

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