I Have Trouble With The Bobbin In The Singer Sewing Machine Model 630 Can You Help?


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Hello fellow sewers,

I have a Singer Sewing Maching, Model 237 Fashion Mate.  It has been incredibly reliable over the last 35 years that I've had it!!! (And even then, when I received it as a gift it was 2nd hand!)  It is a truly solid machine and I love it.  Unfortunately, and for a first time, it has started to let me down.  I was using it this week and it was working just fine, and then all of a sudden it just stopped picking up the bottom bobbin thread and just won't stich at all. No bottom stich, no top stich.  I have googled everywhere to try and find an answer and I have attempted to adjust all the various tension spots I know of.  I've tried changing needles, position of needle, etc. Etc. The needle doesn't hit anywhere wrong when I lower it. Everything feels smooth. Just wondering if anybody out there might have an idea for me on what to do.  I will of course take it in to a specialist to tune up and repair if neccessary.  Just thought someone out there may have an idea.  For that matter, is there anyone out there that can tell me what year this model may be from?  I love this machine so much.  I'm not a fancy sewer but it has done so much work for me over the years and never faltered. It must be just tired....

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
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When this happened to me, I had been relying on the manual. The one problem with the manual is that it doesn't show the needle threaded on the page that talks about the bobbin. Have you wound it successfully? If so, make sure the needle is threaded, and then hand-crank it toward you (which lowers the needle). Complete the crank so the needle returns up with both the needle and bobbin thread.

If you're not sure you've wound it properly, that's been answered on here a few times with greater skill than I can explain. A search at the top of the page should pull it up.
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I can not find bobbins for singer model 9124
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I have a brand new (bought on 6/22/09) Singer 1507, and it has stopped working completely. Needle is down through the fabric, wheel won't turn, and the bobbin won't stay in the bobbin case! Can you help?

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