I have a Shark Euro Pro Model 412N Sewing machine. It needs oiling. The manual says to follow the oiling instructions but there are no instructions as to where and how to oil the machine. Can you help?


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Ok, so you're looking for help oiling the Shark Euro Pro? Ive got two pieces of useful information:

1 - Don't hesitate to contact Euro-Pro for advice.

They've got a customer support section of their site, with a live chat service - so take advantage of it. Not all companies go to such lengths to help out, trust me!

To use their live chat service, just go here:

2. Shark Euro pro model oiling instructions can be found on manuals online.

Ok, this method is going to need a bit of digging around (which is why I suggested the live chat first).

But if you want access to manuals, then here are a few sites that claim to have what you're looking for:

If any of these aren't what you expected, please come back and leave me a comment and I'll remove them from my answer!

Good luck!

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