I Have A BABY LOCK COMPANION Sewing Machine,(Intel-a-Stitch)7500. I Need The Instruction Or Users Manual. Where Can I View It Online?


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There are no instruction manuals online that you can simply view however you can purchase a computer document version of the manual from the following website: www.sewingmanualsonline.com/instruction-manual-babylock-comp.
  • Identifying Baby Lock Models
Despite the sewing machines all being rather similar, Baby Lock does have 20 different versions of their machine so it is important that you know how to identify them just in case you want to purchase a new one or you find the correct instruction manual.

  • Access the Internet
If you need to find specific details on your Baby Lock machine or if you are hoping to buy another model, simply go online and have a look at the comparisons. The information is relatively easy for you to find because you can either go on to the official web page for Baby Lock or type a specific model through a search engine such as Google.

  • Different Functions
The majority of the models are rather similar however, you need to bare in mind that each model has a few different functions. For example, some machines have motion quilting as well as various embroidering techniques.

  • Give it a Spin
If you want to see first-hand how the different machines work and what functions they have you could always try and find a Baby Lock dealer because they should let you test out the machine of your choice. If you are able to do this then ensure that you bring some pieces of fabric to work on. Therefore, you can go ahead and test the stitching and embroidery tools.

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