What Is The Central Theme Of The Poem?


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You would have to give us the poem before we could tell you the meaning.
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Pauper,pauper,craning your eyes
in all direction, in no directions
what brutal force, malignant element
dared to forge your piteous fate?
Was it worth the effort, the time?
You simply lean on a leafless tree
nursing the jiggers that shrivel your bottom
like a newly born to an old woman
what crime, what treason did you commit

that you are thus condemned to human indifference?
And are trudge on the horny pads,
gullied likr the soles of modem shoes,
pads that even jiggers cannot conquer:
Does he admire your sense of endurance
or turn this head away from your impudent presence
you sit alone on hairless goat skins

your ribs and bones reflecting the light
that beautiful cars reflect on you,
squashing lice between your nails
and cleaning your nails with dry saliva.
And when he looks at the grimy coating
caking off your emaciated skin,
at the rust that uproots all your teeth
like a pick on a stony piece of land,
does he pat his paunch at the wonderful sight?
Pauper, pauper, crouching in beautiful verandas
of beautiful cities and beautiful people,
tourists and I will take your snapshots,
and your MP with a shining head and triple chin
will mourn your fate in a supplimentary
question at question time

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