Are Oil Paintings By Pencke Valuable?


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It all depends on the particular painting that you are talking about. Whilst some paintings may be really valuable, others may not be. The particular painting in question is one of the major factors when it comes to pricing up a painting, but you must also consider other things. For instance, when considering how much a piece is really worth, the condition of the piece must be considered as well. No matter what the painting is, if the condition is not acceptable and is simply far beyond reasonable, then it will never be taken seriously by a dealer. Unless of course the painting is hundreds of years old and by one of the most famous painters of all times.

In terms of Pencke, you need to ensure that you have a good quality piece first. You should also know whether the piece is an original or not. Whether or not the piece is original is a huge factor in how valuable the oil painting is, too. If it is merely a print then the value will obviously be significantly less - but if the painting is a one off or an original then it will be worth much more.

So what should you do to find out how much your painting is worth? You need to go and see some dealers. Remember not to sell it to the first dealer you speak to, as dealers always want to make a profit. You need to speak to a few dealers before you make a decision, as this will allow you to get the best deal. Furthermore, if you know incredibly drastic changes in the amounts that are being offered to you then you should assume that something is up - and try and find somebody neutral to value your piece. You may find that you actually have a really expensive piece on your hands.

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