Are Luis García Oliver Paintings/1944 Valuable?


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A Luis Garcia Oliver painting for 1944 is probably not valuable; although this painter's work appeared on Internet auction sites, such as eBay, the bids are generally under fifty dollars, and many painting don't meet the reserve. This artist is not well-known in the art world, not does he have a great reputation on the Internet. In fact, there is very little information available regarding Oliver's background, and the provenance and value of his paintings.

How To Find Valuable Paintings

• To invest in a good artist and acquire painting that will go up in value, read art journals, watch auction prices, and examine the background, provenance, and reputation of artists. A great artists will have paintings that are in demand, whether he or she is alive, or dead. In fact, the greatest artists, such as van Gogh, painted masterpieces that now fetch millions of dollars at auction.
• Modern artists (who are still living) can also produce work that is in demand; look for artists whose work is displayed in prominent galleries and museums. A great painter will be lauded in mass media - there will be plenty of information about the value of their painting on the Internet. If you can't find information about an artist on the Web, it's not a good sign, and it is a red flag that buying their paintings will not be a good financial investment.

Great artists will have some special quality; their portraits, landscapes, and abstract works will evoke emotions. While the appreciation of fine art is largely subjective, critics and fans of art will usually find the best artists, and write about them extensively. Therefore, if little text or articles about an artist, such as Luis Garcia Oliver, is found, it is a sign that this artist is either undiscovered, or simply unimportant to the art world.

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