Could You Please Describe The Essay "Take Pity" By Bernard Malamud?


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Bernard Malamud is an American fiction writer who deals with social problems of this century. In1930, Americans faced the worst depression and fought with each others for a piece of bread. Polish refugees in America also struggled to survive. "Take Pity" is the story of such a Polish family who tried to earn their living with hard work and dignity. Axel and Eva with their two little daughters bought a grocery store. But the business failed and the husband died. The young widow tried her best to improve the store, but in vain. Rosen, the coffee sales man tried to help her as he took pity on the poor family. He was an old bachelor. But Eva refuses to accept any aid as charity. She even turned down his offer to marry her. Rosen was very much disappointed. He felt annoyed and insulted. He did not know how to help her.

The story shows that Eva was a very noble, hard working lady. She bore all difficulties with patience and courage. Even when she faced starvation, she never debased herself nor begged anything from anyone. She had also taught and trained her daughters to be patient and peaceful in hardships. She seems to have a firm belief that things will improve and a better time will come. She did not want to become a dependent upon Rosen or anyone else. She tried to work harder in order to improve her business. She took pains in keeping the store neat and tidy. She wanted to look after her children herself and did not get married to avoid any problem for her children. She did not like to be pitied by other people and tried her best to live an independent and honorable life.
Eva is a representative character that shows how Polish refugees struggled hard to survive in a strange country
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