Can You Describe The Essay "On Destroying Books" By J.C. Squire?


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The writer lived in a small flat at top floor in Chelsea. He bought so many books that they got piled up in his room. They are so worthless that none would like to buy them. He wanted to dispose them off. He could not burn them on the cooker or the small heater in his study room. So he decided to throw them into the nearby river. He improvised a sack and stuffed it with the books. He put it on his shoulder and went downstairs in the darkness of the night.

It was nearby mid-night. Few people were about. There was a cold nip in the air. On his way he came across a policeman. The writer trembled because the policeman might take hi m for a thief. But the policeman took no notice of him. The writer drew a sigh of relief. Then he reached the embankment of the river.

On the bridge the writer tried to find a proper place to drop the sack. Once he was leaning against the low—wall and looking down into water. Suddenly he heard a step behind him. He sprang back and started walking with an air of carelessness. But the pedestrian was absorbed in thoughts. He was actually a tramp.

Then another idea disturbed him. He thought whoever was within sight and heard the splash he would rush and seize him suspecting that he had thrown a baby into the river. The idea tested teased him very much. He strode up and down the bridge-road summoning up his courage. At last, he dropped the sack. A vast splash was heard. Then silence fell again. Nobody came and the writer returned home feeling sad for his books.
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ON Destroying Books.
This essay says that unwanted books purchase should be avoided. The books we are buying should be useful to us as well it should be used by further readers. As  the Books is no user,
the owner of the books throught it in the river, it is not one book, it is a heap of books. As he spent somany money to buy the books, at last the books became burden for him and he lost
his peace of mind.That was the result of unnecessary heaping of the books he did.
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